TEDxEroilor Adventures

You will participate to activities, workshops and other fun actions organized with our partners.

Street Art by Kero Zen


Kero Zen is a freelance artist and a professional graffiti artist that might colour your life!

Come to his workshop and learn how graffiti is an attitude not just a wall painted with spray paint. It is your chance to let loose to your imagination and creativity!

Meet the TEDxEroilor Team


TEDxEroilor is an initiative started 6 years ago by 3 young volunteers who were convinced that ideas are created to run free in society and that a TEDx event can bring an added value to the local community.

Subscribe to this workshop to learn more information about the TEDx events, to meet the TEDxEroilor team and find out behind the scene moments from the last 6 years.

Leading business with a Dutch know-how, by Philip Aarsman


As Managing Director of Business Lease Romania, one of the challenges Philip Aarsman faces here is to make Romanian companies realise operational leasing means paying for what they use. Philip Aarsman thinks operational leasing is “a relatively new product” for the Romanian market, where some of the local companies still focus more on “owning things”.

Be(at)cause, by Beard Brothers & Cluj Business Campus


Beard Brothers and CBC Fitness Corner will start a marathon of exercise and adrenaline for charity. There will be several consecutive sport events/classes; each event/class will have a winner. The participants will receive a sticker at the venue entrance and the winner of each event/class will receive another sticker. Every third edition, they’ll offer the chance to be co-driver with The Beard Mobile to the person with the highest number of stickers – to witness closely the actual cause they were involved in.

Young women innovators and entrepreneurs, by Stacey Ferreira


Stacey is currently the CEO of Forge, an enterprise workforce management application that empowers hourly employees to work on-demand while providing retailers the tools needed to source, hire, manage and retain their workforce. She raised $1.2 million for her business when she was just 18 years old, through Twitter.

Sightseeing on electric scooters, by E-TWOW & GNEX


Gnex is a new concept on the Cluj market in terms of gadgets, who combine fun with professionalism. Gnex specialities are innovative products which people can explore, visualize and perceive everything that surrounds them.

Hand lettering Workshop

The concept of hand-lettering represents a type of calligraphy through which anyone can write as beautifully as they desire to. If you’re curious about finding out more, Andreea Drobota invites you at her workshop, where you can learn all the necessary information so that you can create a professional-looking written paper.

Create.Act.Enjoy – Improvisation and drama workshop

WHAT IF…? Is a unique workshop that combines creative writing and theater techniques, with the aim of stimulating participants and provoking their imagination. Creativity can start from simple things, such as the question “What if?”. The workshop addresses all those who want to improve their communication, teamwork and self-expression techniques, both written and verbal.

Keep calm with Dogs by DogAssist

The purpose of this workshop is to bring smiles on your faces with the help of our cute little dogs used for special therapy. If you want to relax, reduce your stress level or learn about dogs and how they can bring happines to your life, we are waiting at Keep Calm with Dogs workshop – TEDxEroilor Adventures edition.

What is 3D Printing in Metal & How it works?           

During this workshop, Professor Nicu Balc will talk about the 3D Metal Printing indsutry.

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is involved in a research project in the field of 3D Printing. With the help of Horizon2020, UTCN now has an advanced lab that includes a 3D Metal Printer which aims to develop the manufacturing methods – mainly in the automotive industry but not only. The project started in January 2016 and will last until December 2018.

Independent journalism – RISE Project

This training will be about the workflow of a journalistic investigation. Here you will learn about the research and writing process and the tools used in this field. How you can access information in Romania and how does RISE create their documentary videos are also two topics which will be discussed during this training.

Ludoteka visits TEDxEroilor: Origami workshop

Born in Japan and dating for more than one thousand years, origami represents a way of relaxing and creating art out of nothing. For all enthusiasts, this workshop leads towards high limits, using only paper sheets to create the impossible – origami fireworks! These workshops will be held at Impact Hub, Ludoteka being our host.

Story telling and how that helps to improve literacy and communication skills – By Lisa Vernon

Storytelling is an art itself, because a good and well-presented story is successful in reaching its objective and remembered long after it has told. Reaching its listeners, holding the interest and crossing all age barriers is the impact of an effective storytelling. Knowing and applying the art of storytelling will not only strengthen your stories, but also develop the desired interest in the audience.

That is why Lisa Vernon will held an workshop at Arvato on how to become a good story teller, because it is not as hard as one may think.  And if someone can make you a good story teller in 2 hours she can do it. Lisa has been an educator for over 20 years and has had a lot of fun leading learning with people of all ages. She currently works for Historic Royal Palaces in the Learning & Engagement team and has previously worked as a Senior Program Manager for the education aid program in Papua New Guinea and as the Campaign for Learning’s Policy Advisor to the UK government. Currently she works for Historic Royal Palaces, which is an independent charity that looks after the Tower of London, Hampton Court, the Banqueting House, Kensington Palace, Kew Palace and Hillsborough Castle.

Wood challenges building technology – by Inginerie Creativa

One of the greatest challenges we are facing in life represents the process of building a house, even more so if the house is a passive or a solar one.

If you want to find out what it means and how to build a passive house that needs almost no source for heating itself, how you can build a high tech house – made entirely out of CLT (Cross-laminated timber) in less then 10 days, how to build a low tech house out of straw bales, or how George Buhnici’s house – the maniac tech guy always hunting new technologies – will look like and, come Sunday at Wood Challenges Building Technology!

This workshop will be conducted by Marius Soflete, one of the the relentless engineers of team Inginerie Creativa, who will share his experience of some unique and innovative constructions projects with you.

Yoga Hour

The Yoga Workshops will be held at IKWE Studio, an urban sanctuary where the Higher Self is experienced  through Yoga and Meditation. You can attend any of the following three workshops:

Intuitive Hatha Yoga


Ancient Yoga Flows – Traditional Dynamic Series


Nirvana Yoga – A system composed of a wide range of yogic practices that support the harmonious development of practitioners


The teachers recommend you to wear clothing that is comfortable and to avoid the colors red and black as much as possible.

Food Waste Combat Dinner, by JCI Cluj


Come join us for a community dinner to learn a very practical way how you too can fight food waste. The dinner is complemented by informal discussions about a more sustainable economy, as well as creative tricks required to prevent waste systematically.

The purpose of the Food Waste Combat project by JCI Cluj, is to raise awareness over food waste and actively reduce it. Community gatherings represent the best way to find and test the solutions we may have for this. People from all walks of life come together in an informal, cosy environment to share a meal, a conversation and new solutions to old problems. Our hope is to grow the ranks of those who believe in alternatives and creative solutions to problems brought by our current economy.

Our Sunday meal includes a secret menu prepared by the organising volunteers and skilled cooks, which contains carefully selected ingredients. They will all be rescued from local businesses, markets and gardens, in sheer Food Waste Combat style.

Astronomical Observatory visit

The Astronomical Observatory is an institution of education and research in areas such as general astronomy, astrophysics, celestial mechanics, artificial satellites.