Elena Pagu


Elena Pagu spent the early years of her life in a village 7km from the Romanian town of Piatra Neamţ. When she entered college the family decided that she would better walk a round trip daily from her home rather than being boarded out in town. Later, most of her working years were in employment as a childcare social assistant in which capacity she had to cover relatively large areas many times on foot.

Elena discovered athletics when she was 56 after she retired from work. In the eighties she started to participate in national and then in international championships for veteran athletes. There followed many gold medal awards in the walking events of the Balkan, European or World championships.

In 2016 in Perth, Australia, during the World Masters Athletics Championships, Elena Pagu made true the dream of any great athlete: to become a world record holder in her/his events. Within the 90+ age group she took many minutes off the old existing records in the 5000m track walk and, respectively, the 10km road walk events.

Future championships may be in her mind and -why not- improving her existing records. Why new objectives now?!  Elena Pagu will speak about humans’ eternal nature to always be in search of new boundaries to cross

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