TEDxEroilor Heroes

Vlad Gliga

Superpower: Connecting dots

Vlad is one of the co-founders of TEDxEroilor and currently the license holder. After studying and working abroad for 4 years, he decided to return to Romania to support the development of the country. He believes that TEDx events are a great platform for catalysing positive impact and shifting mentalities.

Bogdan Doltu

Superpower: Confidence inducement

Being a successful entrepreneur, Bogdan is an important asset of the team. With a friendly attitude and having always the best intentions, he can easily manage large events, big teams and great community conversations.

Anca Laslău

Superpower: Chameleon

Anca strongly believes that life is a continuous learning process and she is sure beauty can be found in anything. She joined TEDxEroilor 3 years ago because she likes getting out of her comfort zone, now she is sure that this is the place where bright minds meet and meaningful conversation happen.

Milena Bianca Gîț

Superpowers: Ambition / Walking daily on high heels

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist with 7 years experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. The things that connect her most with her work are her vivid curiosity and her inclination for always finding​ the best solution. She sometimes loses herself in difficult puzzles, only to truly understand the benefits of solving them. She joined TEDxEroilor because she likes challenges and also wants to bring her contribution to the local community.

Alex Ardelean

Superpower: Organized chaos

His name is Alex, 22 years old and he’s locco. Free spirited, competitive and with a big love for challenges. Sometimes he may seem to be chaotic but actually is organized. Almost done with college, he wants to help the student community and he dreams to change the world someday. That’s why maybe some people consider him to be a dreamer but he is also a „doer” by definition. TEDxEroilor is another challenge for him and we are glad to see him smiling everyday when he is working with us.

Monica Hojda

Superpower: Turning intelligence into magic

In order to push her own limits, Monica is constantly looking for new challenges. When in need, she always succeeds in thinking outside the box and manages to bring the necessary energy to the table. She believes in the power of the community and in the fact that strength lies in the uniqueness of us. This is why she is sure that, by bringing ideas and individuals together, TEDxEroilor is able to have a great positive impact on the people of Cluj. Monica joined TEDxEroilor as a result of her love for the TEDtalks which she enjoys almost daily next to her coffee – more like “coffees”.

Javier Rocha Robles

Superpower: Omnilingualism

Javier is a wanderlust victim and this has taught him that “life is all in the experience of learning”. Traveling and working around the world has molded him into the enthusiastic and positive person he is today. One of his biggest passions in life, as well as one of his greatest accomplishments, is being able to set goals and reach them. He is confident about the future and making the most out of it. He likes to step back and admire the place he has reached, living by the motto “one way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure”.

Adriana Beștea

Superpower: Being human

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to create and tell stories. As she began telling them, more and more people listened and she started discovering the complexity of being the hero of the story. She learned that not all heroes wear a cape, but that each one of them needs others’ support in completing their tasks. So our storyteller grew up and became a Creative Director, Communication Manager, Public Speaker, Writer, World Traveler. This way, her story could inspire the up and coming heroes of the world, by emphasizing the importance of human connection. At the same time, Adriana’s also pursuing her personal adventures, still learning how to be the best hero of her own life.

Alexandra Hoștină

Superpower: Positive energy generator

She is one of the youngest members of the team and has been growing from volunteering in her hometown to becoming the President of the Babeș-Bolyai University Students’ Organization (OSUBB). She is in charge of our Special Projects Department, coordinating TED-Ed Creative Ways and being the link between our partners’ events and TEDxEroilor. Alexandra is an energetic, positive and reliable person, also being the one who always brightens up the spirits.

Cristina Grivase

Superpower: Wittiness

An ambitious person, striving to deliver solutions and adapt to all situations. Cristina works in marketing and communication for the fields of IT and event planning. At TEDxEroilor she is the Speakers Coordinator, which means she keeps in touch with speakers, months before an event, rehearsing and preparing the speech with them, while during the event, she is the queen of the backstage. Her attention to details and curiosity help her to be proactive and deal with challenges before they become ‘situations’.

Rareș Ignătescu

Superpower: Uncontrollable mind

Rareș is a 20 year old law student with a passion for knowledge – he believes that knowledge is the best tool, but at the same time also a purpose. He believes that the world evolves, and humanity with it, in a well mannered chaos that brings along many opportunities as well as challenges. Rather than standing on the side and looking from the distance, he decided that he likes the unknown, and that he likes the emotions that come along, pushing him forward every day. Working for what he believes in is one of the reasons he joined TEDxEroilor.

Rareș Ionescu

Superpower: Quick learner

His main passions are technology, advertising and volunteering and he believes that the future is going to be shaped by this trio. He is fascinated by anything new and he simply cannot refuse any challenge. He joined TEDxEroilor in order to help create a network of inspiring people that are willing to inspire others by sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Theia Golea

Superpower: Active Citizen / Dogwhisperer

NGO enthusiast and treehugger by definition, Theia also has a background in Art History and Communication and had coordinated educational projects for 3 years. She joined TEDxEroilor because she strongly believes in the power of education and ideas to change the world for the better and TEDxEroilor is the place where great ideas flourish. When it comes to “what’s next” Theia believes that today’s actions shape tomorrow and that the future will be as bright as we choose to create it.

Alina Cernea

Superpower: Time traveler

Curious and imaginative, Alina likes to discover the world not only through her own eyes but through others’ experiences and stories too. She loves to try new and interesting things, be in places she has never seen before, use new ideas in her work, and for all these, she says, TEDx is an opportunity to get inspired. She believes that in order to stay young, you have to surround yourself with happy, enthusiastic, creative and hardworking people – this is why she joined TEDxEroilor.